so here’s my last minute ‚best records of 2016‘ list that has been sitting in my drafts for the past 3 weeks while I never really had the time to work on it

a couple of minutes after the news of george michael’s death had hit the internet i read a tweet that said 2016 is the year music died and i felt an instant anger rising inside of me, because while yes, too many great musicians have passed away this year, music is not and will never be dead. how dare you say that?! good music doesn’t die when it’s creators die. it lives on and inspires others. musicians and listeners likewise. music has saved my life so many times because it is life.

it is ok to dwell in the past, because music has always been oh so good and is often connected to memories and fragments of our lives but please, please do not ignore the here & now.
this year, as terrible as it has been politically & socially, has brought us some of *the* best albums in years! i know this despite the fact that i lost a little touch, because 2016 was so busy and time is rare and i like to take time to listen to music. yeah, i’m sensitive about this shit.

anyway: below you’ll find my personal favorites. in no particular order. all of them great because, while you can hear they were inspired by people that came before them, they created something new rather than copy the existing … and it is powerful. just listen.

frank ocean – endless

beyoncé – lemonade

anderson.paak – malibu

bibi bourelly – free the real (pt. 1) ep

solange knowles – a seat at the table

childish gambino – awaken, my love!

i know the next year will be full of more music and i hope there will be just as much love, happiness & healing for everyone. be safe tonight and all through 2017. ✨